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PyCon2008 (Chi-Town)

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 2008 Python Conference (a.k.a PyCon2008). The conference took place in, the Windy City, Chicago with over 1000 attendees. The conference,with the exception of the wireless access, was amazing. My PyCon experience started on Thursday, March 13, 2008 where I attended two Python GUI programming (Intro to WxPython and Advance WxPython) tutorials. For the most part, the Intro to WxPython tutorial was very informative and eventful. The Advance WxPython course was somewhat disappointing,as the instructor was not prepared for the tutorial. No hard feelings I got a pretty good intro to WxPython and a full refund for the second tutorial.

On Friday, March 14, 2008 the conference started off with a bang there were some very interesting keynote speeches given by Chris Hagner (Microsoft), and Guido Von Rossum (Python Creator). It was quite the experience to sit there here how pythonistas are changing the world one day at a time. Immediately after the keynotes speeches I was off to the PyCon expo hall where I visited a few interesting booths like Enthought, Google, OLPC, Nokia, Wing IDE, and White Oak Technologies (WOTI). I was amazed but not surprised by some of the cool open source projects that Google was working on. These guys are really doing their thing and making great strides in the world of computing.

The demos by Enthought and OLPC were very interesting as well. Enthought is working on Multi-touch technology using Python, and infrared cameras to build intelligent touch screen technology. I was able to get one of their distributions CDs with the project docs and examples can’t wait to pop the CD into my machine at home. The OLPC project which is an acronym for One Laptop Per Child was very interesting. Their laptops were very small but they packed quite the punch. The laptops sport a really cool UI that is entirely Python based. The interface is intelligent, and very easy to use; I am sure my nieces and nephews would love to have one of these XO laptops. My main interest behind OLPC is the whole notion of giving back to others. I sat through some of the talks about developing for OLPC because this is one project I definitely wouldn’t mind being a part of.