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Puppet Master in the Making

Growing up I was always pretty fond of the 1989 film Puppetmaster , which I happen to think, and some may disagree, is a pure classic. I won’t get into discussing whether or not the movie was good or bad. But I will say that the puppets in this movie rocked and the puppet maker was just as cool.

Fast forward 23 years, where I find myself learning how to become a puppet master of my own–puppet making with a twist (via Puppetlabs).

Sometime last year, maybe 2 years ago, I learned about this new configuration management tool for server management called Puppet, since then Puppet has turned into quite the household term.

Which is why, today, I am running through the learning guide on the site to get my puppet making skills up to par. So that I too can make some cool puppets (Puppet scripts that is) to manage all of my servers from a single set of strings.

“Puppet currently in the making … PerBuntu. An Ubuntu Server running Precise Pangolin and Perforce 2012.1“